Top of the 1st, so to speak.

Greetings Halo fans and heathens alike. Welcome to another weblog within this wonderous community we call MLBlogs. I, like every single one of you, intend to give you a deeper insight into the world of baseball by taking the situations facing our game today and disecting them in a thoughtful yet whimsical manner. While analyzing the nuances of the game comparatively to situations we as humans encounter on a daily basis. I intend to take you, the reader, on a spiritual, metaphorical and intellectual journey in which I hope you will come out a more enlightened, educated and well-round individual.

Or not.

If you actually want all that bull I mentioned, read Jose Canseco’s book.

Ok, so let me start this shindig off with a few thoughts. Thoughts that have probably been echoed, maybe just not all I one time.

1. Cubs/Indians fans, this is not your year. No, I do not see a trend developing.
2. Giants fans, rooting for Barry Bonds is like letting that hot chick who sat behind you in Spanish class cheat on your test, just on the mere thought that it might help you score with her. (Translation: He’s not going to break the record, so don’t encourage his crappy behavior).
3. Americans, we are still the most talented baseball country in the world, we’re just too pompous to play like it (See: USA Basketball).

So there you have it. More to come, soon.


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