Congrats Alfonso, you’ve now come full circle

Has it been 5 years already? 5 years since this heralded young Dominican came out of left field to replace a struggling veteran at 2nd base? I remember that year. The Pinstripe Posse was ready to give him a bust in Cooperstown. Not since Willie Randolph had they seen greatness on that side of the keystone. Everything was going just swimmingly too, the bat was there, the speed was there, the defense just needed a little work. So they worked, and they worked, and they worked. But something was wrong. It was like ‘ol Chuck had never left. Finally the Yankee’s decided to go with half the bat and twice the glove at second, trading that once heralded kid for another once heralded kid that actually lived up to his hype, and then some and was willing to move to a different spot on the diamond.

And here we are, in 2006. Alfonso, you finally learned your lesson. Returning to the position the Yankees originally had you penciled into fill. Unfortunately for you, its not in New York, and unfortunately for the Nats, it took way too much time and an idle threat to make you realize. Lets hope this a permanent, and lets not whine. You already have Jose Guillen, a cancer ready to strike at this newly reborn team when the time is wrong. Let’s become a second Guillen by pulling some school girl poutiness.


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