Weaver squared

So Jered is now up and ready to go, he’s pitching tommorrow. Matched up against Erik Bedard. As mentioned in my previous blog here, this isn’t exactly the spot I’d put him in, but hey, I pay  to make comments, I don’t get paid to make decisions. What happens here now is you essentially have brother pitted against brother. Whomever does better in the time between now and the return of Bartolo will earn a spot. Jeff has the advantage, as he’s got a 9 million dollar contract to be a starter, and Jered is still under team control for another 4 years. If they both pitch well, Jeff will remain in the rotation and Jered will return to the minors. If they both pitch bad, expect Jered to go down, Jeff to go into the bullpen and Joe Saunders get called up for a shot. We’ll have to see. Let’s just get through the Jered first start, and then we’ll start making assessments from there.

Note to the Angels brass: Thank you for releasing Esteban Yan. That was the worse signing from last offseason. He’s an ineffective pitcher with less than average stuff that was probably the wink link of our bullpen. ****, past Shields, Donnelly, and Frankie, the bullpen has a significant dropoff, in my mind. This isn’t the bullpen from ’02, when we had Percival, Weber, and Levine in there.

Tonight, the Orioles come to town. Ain’t no reason why we can’t continue winning.


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