A whole lot of somethin.

A lot to get to, and so little time to write it.

First off. . . .Enough about the Melky Cabrera catch already! Great catches happen, this one is just being glorified beyond belief. Greater catches have happened. More meaningful great catches have occurred. This doesn’t change the course of the season. When Jason Grimsley implicates half the Yankees team for use of HGH, its all gonna be for naught, so don’t worry.

A Yankees fan I work with tried to rub in my face how the Yankees have half the starting spots on the All Star Roster. At this point, I’ve given up on the All-Star game. Its nothing but a ratings ploy, get butts in the seats and make money, that’s all. Yankee and Red Sox fans are voting, no one else really is. So, Yankee and Red Sox fans will get their way. Simple as that.  I’ll tell you one thing, its gonna give Ozzie Guillen fits when he tries to make his roster. Speaking of which, who’s gonna make the team from the Royals? The only person with half-way decent numbers is Mark Grudzielanek. I that’s my bet.

Are the Reds challenging for first? Really? Wow.

On the home front, the Angels are starting to actually play some baseball. The bats are coming around, power is starting to show, pitching is slowly returning to the level it was last year. The only problem is, the rest of the AL West is playing against the same muck we’ve been playing against, and peforming just as well. Here’s my bold predicition The Angels will win 40 games before they lose 40, and win 60 before they lose 50. Its plausible, their schedule doesn’t really toughen up until late July.

I’d write something on the whole Jason Grimsley deal, but its too early to make full assumptions on that. I’ll wait for that to develop a little more. All I’ll say is this: I think its big, I don’t know how big. But big. And I also find it funny  that it was the federal government, and not Bud Selig’s team of heroes that uncovered this. And if it turns out to be as big as I think it can, Super Bud better just step down, and let someone -qualified- clean up the mess he helped cover up. There’s never been more of a worthless piece of trash in the sport and an absolute hinderance to its progess than Bud Selig, and I’ll stand by that until I die.


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