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See no Angel, Hear no Angel (Part II)


Your inner-Steinbrenner is starting to come out, isn’t it? You have an outstanding desire to be not only the best, but to stand out, to put those around you to shame. You have visions in your head, don’t you? You see New York Mets fans flying out to L.A to hold group-counseling sessions to teach Dodger fans how to play second fiddle. You see an empire to rival that of the Bronx bombers, don’t you? Complete with your own TV network and everything, right?

But it’s a hard crawl to the top, ain’t it? You’re starting to learn about what you need to do. There are a few concessions you’ll have to make here and there. They’re gonna tick people off a first. But fans are fickle, right? As quick as they are to bite your head off, all will be forgotten once you give something good to them right? No one’s gonna remember that they saw less than 1/3 of the games on TV this year, right? But they will remember a 3rd AL West title. 30 years from now, people might rave to their grandkids about how Vlad Guerrero won the triple crown in ’06, and how Bartolo Colon broke Nolan Ryan’s strikeout record. And how they saw it all unfold. Only they didn’t, they were relegated to reading about it the paper the day after. Listening to second-hand reports of moments that deserve first-hand accounts, but no one will remember that part.

Give and take, right? You take some stuff away, only to give it back bigger, better, and more expensive. A great idea, its been working for many a successful businessman for years. That Angel Network of your will be a big hit, right? No one will care about the extra $5.99 a month on his or her cable bill. No one will notice a 1 dollar a hike in ticket prices every couple years. All parties involved will be happy, the fans will be getting their product on the field, and you’ll be pulling in the cash you so wanted, as well as getting the recognition across the league you wanted. It’s a win/win situation, and I’m all for it. If you can make my team better by making everyone pay just a tiny bit more, then by all means, do it. I just hope it works out the way you think it will, for both our sakes.


See no Angel, Hear no Angel


Here we are, less than 5 days from opening day and I’ve yet to get a TV schedule. Aren’t we cutting it a little close there, buddy? I mean, I can sympathize, if there’s anyone here that can relate to making 10-year deals for 9-figures, its me. But even then, I’m not into this 11th hour bull, and the miniscule amount of games you got scheduled ain’t gonna cut it.  Will you please work out a deal?

Lets say you don’t. I know you will, but lets just pretend. Let’s say it fell through because our friends at FSN feel more comfortable show re-run after re-run of cheerleading championships and poker shows. Everythings still good to go right? I still have radio, I can still listen to Rory and Terry. Awww, wait. ESPN Radio goes darn near dead out here at sundown. Shoot, what to do? Ivan and Jose are still on loud and clear, but I don’t understand a lick of Spanish, even being a half-breed. What’s a guy to do?